Marine Products > 3. Universal Replacement Bimini Tops

Order this top if you do not own one of our frames but yours is in good shape.  

this is made to fit only frames that when folded up the top of the frames bows are all even with eachother.

The front and rear pockets utilize zippered pockets.  the middle pockets can be adjusted based on what you need.  

Just shoot me an email and let me know how far each is from the front and back of the top.

A snap in each corner help to achieve a more custom look.
8x8 - Sunbrella
8x10 - Weathermax
8x10 - Navigator
8x8 - Navigator
8 x 9 Bimini - Navigator (fabric only)
8x8 - Weathermax
8x10 - Sunbrella
8 x 9 - Sunbrella
8 x9 Bimini - Weathermax


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