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Weber Spirit Grill Cover - Sunbrella

Weber Spirit Grill Cover.

E-210, S-210, E-210, E-310, E-320

Stop wasting your money on CHEAPLY MADE grill covers.  Buy an AMERICAN MADE grill cover.

I have had the same grill for 8 years now.  My neighbors have all gone through several grills over the last 8 years.  The ones that have the same grill as they had 8 years ago...well the grill looks about 15 years old.  Mine still looks relatively new.  Why?  I made a sunbrella grill cover for my grill 8 years ago.  All of my neighbors use grill covers - some with sharp logos of their favorite teams....none of which are the same they had 8 years ago.  Typically every 2 years they all buy new ones.  I don't and mine still looks great for 8 years old.  Why?  SUNBRELLA material!  Not just any sunbrella material either - 9.25oz marine grade sunbrella.  My company builds bimini tops for boats and we use a lot of sunbrella.  It made sense to cover up my grill with the same material that is guaranteed for 10 years!  won't fade or fall apart under normal conditions.  Both of my neighbors have now received new grill covers and both have told me they are the best they've ever had.  Easy to put on and won't blow off in the wind.  Oh and they look great!!!!!

If you aren't familiar with sunbrella here is a small rundown:

9.25oz weight - very heavy duty

durable, water repellant, and breathable.

wide range of colors.

10 year warranty

resistant to UV rays.

Add up how many grill covers or grills you've bought over the last 10 years and you will see how much of a savings this will be.  Also keep in mind - this is made in the USA!!!  You are supporting an American company and an American product!

color choices
click here to view a swatch of these colors. Colors appear differently on different monitors. Please email or call us directly if you'd like a fabric swatch prior to ordering. Taupe / Linen pictured
Taupe / Linen
Spruce / Linen
Burgundy / Grey
Solid Black
Solid Spruce
Solid Charcoal
Solid Linen
Solid Taupe
Other - specify color in "special instructions" when checking out.

spirit grill cover $120.00
lifetime thread $20.00


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